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an attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. another embassy employee was wounded when armed men stormed the building. it is believed to be an antiislam film produced by americans that sparked the attack. secretary of state hillary clinton condemns the shooting and saying she asked libya's president to give additional protection to americans in the country. >>> a very sad ending to what should have been a nice day on the water. a 29-year-old lewis sprouse died when he fell off his boat and hit the spinning propeller. his foot got stuck in a crab line and the boat was running when he fell into the propeller. his body has been taken to the medical examiner's office. >>> the streets of las vegas became a standstill following some pretty heavy thunderstorms. look at this video. firefighters, helicopter crews and they had to -- they had to rescue more than 20 people stuck in the cars because of all the rising flood waters. water levels were about several feet high and the national weather service says that almost 2 inches of rain fell. the storms almost knocked out -- also knocked out power t
into what the deadly acrack on the -- attack on the u.s. embassy in libya may have been a coordinated assault on the anniversary of september 11th and not just a random act. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed when a mob stormed the u.s. consulate and set it on fire. president barack obama says that the u.s. will work with the libyan government to find those who are responsible. >> we will not waiver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act and make no mistake justice will be done. >> marines are headed to libya to reinforce security while the pentagon right now moving two warships to the libyan coast. remember to stay with "good morning maryland" because this morning we're going to be talking live with a former "baltimore sun" reporter who's now in chi rhee. her name is -- cairo. her name is nancy and she's been following the crisis in libya very closely and going to give us inside perspective about the consulate as well as the attack on the embassy. >>> remember that it quickly became a household word that made us cringe. now th
in libya was planned, but it does say that it is a matter that is still under investigation and that the assessment could change. libya's president has said that he believes that foreigners came into the country and planned the attack to coincide with september 11th. the white house says it looks like violent protests were sparked from an anti-islam film made in the united states. >>> the army has developed body armor that is tailored specifically to fit women. the vest accommodates smaller torsos and they sit closer to a woman's chest. they are being used for the first time by female soldiers from fort campbell who are deployed to afghanistan. female soldiers has said that poor-fitting armor did make their scrobs more difficult. women make up 14% of the army and are closer to combat than they have ever been before. >>> an innocent walk through his neighborhood lands a 10- year-old boy from sagona park in the hospital. officials say it's because this boy was walking with a bamboo stick in his hand and it accidently hit a power line. he was rushed to johns hopkins. we're told
are expected after friday's weekly prayers. a deadly attack at the u.s. embassy in libya on tuesday. four americans died, including the u.s. ambassador. they're angry over an anti- islam video that was produced by american. we have word that libyan officials arrested four people in connection to that attack. >>> investigators are looking into a deadly accident that killed a man. the victim was walking on the track around 3:00 yesterday at the west cold spring overpass and the train hit him. he died at the scene. no one on the train was hurt. it's not clear why he was on the tracks. the mta did shut down for several hours. >>> washington d.c. metro put in place a realtime computer monitoring system. the hope with this is that they can detect problems like this one that caused a train derailment in 2009. metro previously reviewed data two time a day that would indicate a problem. but the new system monitors the trains in realtime. >>> some 350,000 kids going another day outside of a classroom. one more day in chicago. the teachers' union said they will continue to strike today and they have
the house and senate classified information about the situation in libya. senators have called for congress to investigate. last week's attack on the u.s. consulate that killed four americans. >>> state officials and environmental advocates are calling for a permanent ban on fracking in our state. officials are releasing a report this morning that those documents will be costing -- what it will cost for drilling from replacing contaminated roads. g water to fixing ruined >>> the superintendent of baltimore county public schools will be at chesapeake high school. it's happening this evening. dr. dallas dance plans to meet with the public to discuss education. that starts at 7:00 by the way. >>> maryland's blue crab harvest right now one of the biggest in the nation. a new report shows that maryland crabs accounted for more than 25% of the nearly 200 million pounds of blue crabs harvested last year. the state's overall harvest was down slightly so it waabout 88 million pounds. >>> the referee lockout right now starting to wear on players. coaches as well as fans. replaceable refs they are now
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5